Alcoholic and Coked-up Coco-Cola!

Alcoholic Coco-Cola!

Alcoholic and Coked-up Coco-Cola!   The Most Loved Beverage ‘Coca-Cola’ used to be alcoholic and coked-up. Yes, you read it right! It contained a considerable amount of cocaine and alcohol to render its drinkers high as a kite. In 1886, Coca-Cola was invented by Pharmacist John Stith Pemberton, as a ‘Tonic Wine’ named ‘Pemberton’s French Wine Coca’ to cure diseases, including morphine addiction, indigestion, nerve disorders, headaches, and impotence. To avoid liquor regulations, Pemberton chose to mix his coca-leaf extract with sugar syrup instead of Bordeaux wine. Consequently, Coca-Cola was…

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Bagri Market Fire: Major Fire Breaks Out In Kolkata’s Bagri Market

bagri market fire

Early morning (16-09-2018) a major fire broke out in Kolkata’s Bagri market. Reportedly near about 30 fire trucks were trying to douse the fire. Reports said that the disaster management group of Kolkata Police and civil defence unit are also at the spot to help douse the fire. #UPDATE 30 fire tenders now at the spot in Bagri market on Canning Street in Kolkata where a fire broke out earlier today — ANI (@ANI) September 16, 2018 Bagri is one the busiest market in kolkata. Luckily no one has been injured as the…

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How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2018

How many days left for durga puja 2018

How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2018   Durga Puja is celebrated all over India,but widely in the state of West Bengal. It is celebrated over a span of nine days starting from the day of Mahalaya, which in 2018 is on 09 October (Tuesday). As Of Today, only 30 days are left for Durga Puja. Following are the complete dates of Durga Puja 2018.   Following are the complete list of days of Durga Puja 2018- Mahalaya                       …

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Snapdeal Caught selling Pirated DVD’s of Avengers Infinity War and Adult Videos

snapdeal scams

Snapdeal Caught selling Pirated DVD’s of Avengers Infinity War and Adult Videos Snapdeal, a massive Indian E-commerce Website, run by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, has been in the downfall for some time for all the terrible reasons, like failed merger with flipkart of around $950 million(₹6628 crore), criticized for selling adult toys and fake products, warned from Hyderabad police from selling Illegal Arms, firing 600 employees in one year etc. After all these claims the company has rounded up a very Bad Reputation. Making the matters worse, today as…

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Top 10 Highest Paid Actress In The Word 2018

highest paid actress 2018

Top 10 Highest Paid Actress In The Word 2018   Below is the list of Top 10 Highest Paid Actress around the world, according to Forbes Annual List 2018 from June 1, 2017- June 1, 2018     Scarlett Johansson     Actress Scarlett Johansson (aged 33), well known for playing Black Widow in the MCU, with pre-tax earnings of $40.5 million (₹284 Crore), has topped the World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2018 list by Forbes. Sources reveal that her usual pay rate is more than $10 million (₹70 Crore) per film.…

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee Dead: Passes Away At The Age Of 93

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Dead: Passes Away At The Age Of 93     Former Prime Minister of India and one of the senior leaders of the country has passed away at the age of 93. Vajpayee was admitted to the AIIMS in June and had been battling for his life since then.   After hearing the news of his demise, wishes from all over the country started pouring out both on twitter and facebook. All the senior leaders along with our prime minister Narendra Modi has visited AIIMS after the…

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Dumbest Contestant Ever On a Reality Show!!

dumbest contestant

Dumbest Contestant Ever On a Reality Show! There have been very Dumb contestant on the show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” (Indian Version: Kaun banega Crorepati) but this might be the dumbest contestant of all. A 26-year-old Economics graduate, Su Ayhan used two lifelines to answer ‘Where Is the Great Wall of China??‘ in the Turkish version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’. The choices were: A-China, B-India, C-South Korea, and D-Japan. Su Ayhan first used the audience poll for this question, after 51% people said China, she…

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Top 10 Amazing Facts

amazing facts

Top 10 Amazingly Ridiculous Facts     1. People who use Twitter Instead of Facebook, are favorable to have a higher IQ but they are also very likely to suffer from Insomnia.   2. In 1988, Israel Kamakawivo’ole called a studio at 3.00 am and asked if he could record because he had a good Idea. The studio Owner said that he had already closed the studio. After 15 minutes later he recorded Israel playing his ukulele and recorded “Over the Rainbow” in one take. The video now has 548,921,073…

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Apple Becomes First Trillion Dollar Company

steve jobs

Apple becomes First US Based Trillion Dollar Company   World’s most valuable company Apple was started in the garage of late co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976, has now became the 1st US Company to hit a $1 trillion valuation market valuation on 2nd August, Thursday after its stock hit an all-time high of $207.05 per share.   This comes after Apple some days ago reported its unparalleled strongest ever 3rd Quarter earnings, its profits rose 30% to $11.5 billion in April-June period. Apple’s year-over-year revenue rose 17% to $53.3 billion, marking…

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A Couple nearly Lost a lottery worth 520 crore (£57.9 million)

A Couple nearly Lost a lottery worth 520 crore (£57.9 million)     A retired couple Fred and Lesley Higgins’s from Scotland won ₹520-crore (£57.9 million) cheque as a jackpot they won with a lottery ticket but the ticket was torn into two pieces. The winners of a £57.9 million jackpot were initially told they did not have a winning ticket, because a local shop assistant misread the numbers while matching them and he ripped in half and put in the bin. But a message on a lottery terminal in…

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