Avengers Infinity War To Cross 1 Billion Tommorrow

avengers infinity war

Avengers Infinity War To Date Collection   Avengers: Infinity War earned around $16.8 million on Wednesday, bringing its six-day total for an massive $322.7 million domestic and more than $600 million worldwide. Avengers: Inifnity War had made a gross collection of $19 million on its first weekend making the movie the biggest Hollywood opener in India and the biggest opener of the year.   May Day holiday in many overseas hubs helped IW crush a $64.5MTuesday. That reps 20% of the opening weekend. (Force Awakens‘ first international Tuesday was worth 17% of its debut frame.)…

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Donald Trump & The Adult Film Controversy

donal trump stormy daniels

In a series of early posts on Twitter, US President Donald Trump confirmed today that he reimbursed his personal lawyer the USD 130,000 he had given to adult film star Stormy Daniels days before the 2016 election to buy her silence over an alleged affair with the then presidential candidate. In his fullest account to date regarding the payment to Daniels, Donald Trump acknowledged the non-disclosure agreement with her to ensure her silence about what she has called a one-night stand with Trump in 2006. Trump also forcefully denied the…

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Google Instant Lets You Try Apps Without Having To Install Them

google instant play

Google instant lets you try games without having to install them   Game Developers Conference starts this week in San Francisco, and Google is looking to burnish its reputation among game developers with a handful of new announcements. The most newsworthy is “Google Play Instant,” which allows game demos to be played on Android devices simply by clicking a link, rather than fully installing the game. Instant Apps are a merger of how the web works and how regular apps work It’s also pointing to improvements in its game ad ecosystem…

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Controversial fights between Bollywood Celebrities

priyanka chopra fight

Controversial fights between Bollywood Celebrities   Stardom is not so easy to achieve. With all those glitters and fame also comes haters and controversies. This the list of celebrities who not necessarily had a physical bout with other stars but at-least had or still having a lingering uneasiness between each other.     Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan:     Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan both are most controversial superstars, this scuffle is one of the oldest tiffs in Bollywood. It all started at Salman’s then alleged girlfriend Katrina…

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Government allegedly lists 42 Chinese apps as unsafe


Government allegedly lists 42 Chinese apps as unsafe, Check if your phone has any of them: Indian Government has picked out Chinese apps and listed them as spyware or malware. Indian intelligence agencies have reportedly listed as many as 42 mobile applications are reportedly sending the user’s data back to servers in China, and have the potential to carry out cyber-attacks against Indians.   Under a new advisory, the agencies have reportedly issued a warning to the Indian army and paramilitary against their usage. An India Today report posted the advisory…

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