Alieno Arcanum: Most Powerful Electric Hypercar

Alieno Arcanum

Alieno Arcanum: Most Powerful Electric Hypercar



A Bulgarian Company Named “Alieno” showed its first debut model named Arcanum. Founded in 2015, the factory of Alieno, is based in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria, only 3.5 km away from the headquarters of ALIENO in Slashten, Bulgaria.

Alieno creates hypercars from the future. The name of the brand is derived from the Italian word “Alieno”, which means “the name is Italian for Alien,”. Alieno Arcanum is an all-electric hypercar, which in its top version has power of 5221 hp (3840 kW), 8880 Nm of torque, Top speed of over 488 km/h (303 mph) and a power-to-weight ratio of up to 2.64 hp/kg.

Ahmed Merchev

The name of the model is derived from the Latin word “Arcanum”, which means “the secret of the secrets”. It is based on innovative Alieno technologies and is a 2-door / 2-seater robotic all-electric hypercar. It uses the Italian word for “alien” as a name because, as its founder, CEO & CTO Ahmed Merchev clarifies it, he has a mission to “create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present, Alieno Arcanum does not follow the rules, but it creates new ones, providing an extremely exciting driving experience and enjoyment”, according to Press release held on Bulgaria at 06.07.2018.


There will be 4 variants of the Arcanum: the RP5 with 5,221 HP, the RP4 with 4,351 HP, the RP3 with 3,481 HP and the RP2 with 2,610. RP (RP stands for Raw Power). Of the four, the RP5 is the Most Powerful with 8,880 Nm (6,490 pound-feet) of Motor and wheel Torque, a top speed of over 303 mph (487 km/h) and a starting weight of 3,571 pounds. Each of the versions is available in 3 basic modifications- STR (Street –car used in public road), TRC (Track- car used on track) and RCE (Race- to win race championships), whose basic dynamic characteristics are the same, but only differ by Standards/homologations they meet.


Alieno Arcanum

According to Press release held on Bulgaria at 06.07.2018, it’s even able to prepare an example to meet the regulations of the LMP1 category of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, once the rules allow the participation of battery-powered all-electric cars. Arcanum possesses multiple innovative Alieno ADAS systems (Advanced driver-assistance systems), the main one of which is called Alieno Artificial Intelligence (AAI) or “The Alien” (TA). The Arcanum’s A.I assists the driver, prevents him from making mistakes and teaches him how to improve his driving skills, habits and style, with the sole purpose of being able to explore and use the full potential of the car. Alieno Arcanum has 4 braking systems: Alieno hydraulic braking system, Alien regenerative electromagnetic braking system, Alieno robotic air braking and Alieno air brake parachute system with drag racing parachutes.

The suspension is highly robotic. Which consists of double-wishbone/push-rod/rocker arm job with an adjustable anti-roll bar and electronically adjustable damping. According to Press release held on Bulgaria at 06.07.2018, this Arcanum is driven by an Alieno direct drive electric power-train, realized with from 3 (in the RP2 version) up to 6 (in the RP5 version) electric motors per wheel. Total of 12 (in the RP2 version) up to 24 electric motors (in the RP5 version). The electric motors are connected with a common connecting axis, to transfer the power to the according wheel through a half-shaft. Several smaller electric motor are used, that are individually controlled according to the needs, which significantly increases the possibilities and efficiency of the car in all its modes and speeds and the efficiency reaches up to 97%. The electric motors in use are type AC three-phase axial flux electric motors with powerful permanent magnets, that provide the current technological maximum as power and torque per unit weight and volume, since they combine very high power with very high torque of the electric motor in very low own weight and low volume of the electric motor.


super capacitors

The Arcanum is drove by an innovative Alieno battery, composed of Graphene LiPo cells and Super-capacitors Graphene LiPo cells are built through nanotechnologies forming graphene. The battery is available in the following 3 variants: SBP (Street Battery Pack), with a capacity of 180 KWh, TBP (Track Battery Pack) with a capacity of 120 kWh and RBP (Race Battery Pack) with capacity of 60 kWh. The battery is built in such a way, that Alieno will build you a 2,700-kilowatt DC charging station, on customer order, which will boom-charge the biggest 180-kilowatt battery from 0 to 100 percent in four minutes and from 0 to 80% SoC for 3.2 min.


The chassis is a carbon-fiber honeycomb monocoque with separate carbon sub frames front and rear. The bottom is reinforced with Kevlar. To ensure better grip with the road surface, Arcanum has extremely wide front and rear tires (which are the same in size), mounted on Alieno robotic pre-preg carbon-fiber wheels. This Car is available for pre-orders at the following base prices: 750000 EUR for the RP2 version, 1000000 EUR for the RP3 version, 1250000 EUR for the RP4 version and 1 500 000 EUR for the RP5 version. The delivery time varies from 18 to 30 months, depending on the chosen modification (STR, TRC or RCE) and other options chosen by the customer. It is estimated, in the next 24 months, Alieno to present from 8 to about 24 different models all-electric hypercars, on average, a new model every 1-3 months.

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