Doesn’t Alimonies Like This Hindering Gender Equality????

Doesn’t Alimonies Like This Hindering Gender Equality????



On April 4,2019 – Jeff Bezos & MacKenzie Bezos completed their divorce process successfully. Mackenzie Bezos tweeted saying 

mackenzie bezos alimony


The Amazon tycoon will transfer roughly 4% of Amazon’s stock to his ex-wife, according to an SEC filing dated April 4. The transfer, which is likely to happen by early July, equates to roughly 19.7 million shares worth about $35.7 billion, according to Bloomberg. 


Well that’s a hell lot of amount making her the world’s fourth richest woman but the real question here is that whether alimonies like this contributing anything towards “gender equality“.  From decades women have been fighting for gender equality. Gender equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society, including economic participation and decision-making, and when the different behaviours, aspirations and needs of women and men are equally valued and favoured.  



Why do alimony exist ??



Generally alimony exists to create an equitable financial situation between two ex-spouses (or soon to become ex-spouses.) Frequently, one person earns substantially less than the other but has become used to the same financial situation as the other spouse. Sometimes one person doesn’t work at all and has no experience and so cannot become part of the work force or it will take a long time for her to make a decent living.



Gender Equality In Current Generation


In most parts of the world, women are excelling in areas of decision making, sports , boardrooms, military. Isn’t the main purpose of achieving equality is to provide women and men with equal rights in politics, sports and all other sectors?? Or it is to create a more strong difference between them?

Even though gender equality is still a work in progress, high profile alimonies like these are only going to create an impression of women as takers.. Years of male domination over women has created a similar impression on men. But this isn’t about impression, its about removing the differences between them and not highlighting them. Its about what practices we follow in this society. 

Alimonies existed because women previously played the role of housewives after marriage, leaving their job, looking after the kids but thats not how it is now. Moreover we don’t want it that way now. Anyone who says they’re equal to men would believe in working “equally”, to earn “equal” to establish the fact.


In our country ( India ) women has always  been subject to male domination and abuse even though 50% of major festival celebration in India are of Goddesses. But today even here, Indian women are making a mark in traditionally male-dominated areas and redefining their roles in society. Most urban Indian millennial netizens, including men, seem to approve of these changes.  According to  the World Economic Forum India is not even on top 20 best countries for gender equality. So if this much change can be seen in India then what about those countries with better equality.

I will conclude this by asking you that as we are slowly taking steps away from male-dominated practices, patriarchal systems to create equality between men and women then isn’t practices like alimony hindering that process???

By the way these are my opinions. Kindly share yours and feel free to comment what you think about this.

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