Ali’s Emotional Reply To Pawan Kalyan Comments

Pawan kalyan vs ali

Ali’s Emotional Reply To Pawan Kalyan Comments



In his last speech in Rajamundry, Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan made comments on his close friend & comedian Ali. Almost everyone from tollywood industry and fans of pawan kalyan know that they both are very close to each other but ultimately politics has managed to create a rift in their friendship.

Pawan kalyan said that, comedian Ali has betrayed him by joining YRCP party. He also mentioned that Ali has been close to his heart all the time, but his action has hurt him. According to the comments made by Pawan Kalyan, soon after party foundation Ali requested Pawan Kalyan to give a seat from the Janasena party for his distant relative. “I helped Ali in his bad times. Even then he betrayed me” said Pawan Kalyan.


Amid all this, Ali soon reverted back with a video on social media saying that he his taken aback by Pawan Kalyan’s comments. Ali said that he knows that Pawan Kalyan has been manipulated by someone to comment about him in Rajamundry . He also asked a question to Janasena chief to explain how he helped Ali in his bad times. 

“Did you help me by providing me money? Did you gave me roles in your movies? Did i ask for help? “ said Ali.

As the elections are coming near, celebrities are compelled to comment on opposition members who belong to the same movie industry which in turn is creating rifts in long and deep friendships. Don’t hesitate to comment your opinion below.

Watch the whole video here:


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