May 8, 2019

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Apple Iphone 11 2019 Looks, Specifications & Price


Apple Iphone 11 2019 Looks, Specifications & Price


New models of Iphone are yet to reach to consumers not before September this year but this doesn’t stop rumours and image leaks about the looks and specifications of the upcoming Iphones. Apple’s flagship duo is  expected to be the first iPhones to boast triple camera systems !!, the first to offer USB-C and the first to ship with iOS 13, which is expected to bring a system-wide dark mode to iDevices.

It is expected that Apple will launch the successors of the previously released iPhone XS and XS Max, and a sequel to the iPhone XR. There is no official confirmation yet that the name of the next apple smartphone will be Iphone 11 but following the long tradition of Apple naming its new smartphones in numbers successively adds to the rumour.


Release Date


Yet there is no official announcement from the smartphone giant but if everything goes as planned then you may see the next Iphones in September first week this year.





The expected specifications based on preliminary announcement are as follows: 

Key SpecsSee Full Specs 

iOS v12.0
  • Performance

  • Display

  • Camera

  • Battery

The expected price being  approx $1440 ( Rs 1,04,000)

These are not official images as these leaks are usually CAD files that were stolen from the Foxconn factory where Appleā€™s new iPhone models will be manufactured and are circulated over internet. The actual design on release may vary slightly or completely. Currently there is a mixed opinion on these leaked images as some being excited of the triple camera array and some disliking the design stating it as ugly. Whats your opinion??