Bahubali Actor Prabhas Does This At His Farm House !!

prabhas farmhouse

Bahubali Actor Prabhas Does This At His Farm House !!

With the huge success of India’s biggest motion picture Bahubali-1 & Conclusion, came tremendous fame to its actors & actresses. Prabhas has always been famous in the south film industry but with the international success of Bahubali,almost everyone in India now know who Prabhas is.

Last year ( Dec 2018) Prabhas along with Rana Daggubati & Director Rajamouli had appeared on the all famous Koffee with Karan. As mentioned in the show,prabhas has always been very shy & never ever appeared on any talk show or an interview. It is the first time he appeared on a television talk show.


From the beginning of the show host Karan Johar has been seen poking Prabhas about his farmhouse and what he does there. Later in the show Prabhas clears that its a small farmhouse with a gym & swimming pool. He being a shy person never attends any party and spends most of his leisure time  in his farmhouse and he also mentions that there is abundance of food there.


prabhas on koffee with karan

The reason why the topic of farm house was constantly brought up in the show was that last month ( Dec 2018), Hyderabad police seized his farmhouse for some land issues, for which he filed a petition in high court.

The revenue department has seized land of 84 acres in which about 2200 square yards belonged to Prabahas and a farmhouse was also constructed in it.

Prabhas was not given notice or informed about the seizure by the Telangana Government. Knowing about this Prbahas went to high court for protecting his farmhouse. While Prabahs says that it was legal, the Government finds it illegal and the matter is in the court.

Watch the full episode here-

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