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5 Best Free Email Clients: Email Apps



Email clients & apps such as MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora and many more are important for effective email management. They help home users as well as large organizations to communicate through emails effectively, manage their contacts, plan and schedule their activities, and much more.


Why do you need free email viewer tools?

Some email clients like MS Outlook are proprietary while some others like Thunderbird are open source. But, email clients like Outlook are expensive for many users. Also, many users feel that email clients are difficult to use. So, there are many situations in which people need free email viewer tools.

Another advantage of free email viewer tools is that most of them display emails even if the email files are corrupt. This is not possible in email clients. As a result, users search out for alternatives that can work best to view damaged or corrupt files. There are many email viewer tools that assure safe and secure scanning of mailboxes to display all the emails, contacts, calendars and other related information.


Free mail viewer tools for all

In this article, we will discuss five popular email viewer tools from a popular brand – Kernel Data Recovery. These tools are free, user-friendly and are available online. The tools we discuss here help you open and view various email files like MBOX, PST, EDB, OLM, and OST.



Kernel Free MBOX Viewer


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The Free MBOX Viewer tool is perfect for the users who have MBOX files, especially of discontinued email clients like Eudora. The tool ensures that entire MBOX files data is scanned properly and is displayed without any MBOX email client.

  • User-friendly interface– The tool has been designed with self-explanatory features for non-technical users. The tool displays MBOX files in just a few simple steps.
  • Compatibility– The tool supports all the versions of Windows, ie windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT and 95.
  • Format support– Kernel Free MBOX Viewer, provides the facility to view MBOX file content of 20 email clients.
  • Advanced filters– This tool provides the facility to search for specific emails according to Date, Subject, From, and To.



Kernel Free PST Viewer

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Kernel Free PST Viewer has been created for those who find Outlook expensive.  The Free PST Viewer tool is free of cost and supports PST files of all the versions of Windows and Outlook.

  • Size not an issue– This tool scans PST files irrespective of their size.
  • Outlook-like interface– The freeware has an interface which is similar to that of MS Outlook, and hence it is easy to use.
  • File Analysis Report– The tool creates reports that allow users to analyze the PST file data.



Kernel Free EDB Viewer

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Kernel Free EDB Viewer is designed for viewing EDB files without Exchange Server. The Free EDB Viewer tool allows viewing all user mailboxes and their items.

  • Easy to use– It is an independent utility designed to meet EDB viewing requirements of people without Exchange. It can be installed for free.
  • Preview feature– The freeware displays the preview of EDB file with complete mailbox hierarchy.
  • Quick installation– Kernel Free EDB Viewer can be easily installed within just a few clicks. All you need is to go the web page, click on Download, and install the software. Voila! You are ready with a self-explanatory, independent tool for viewing your EDB files.
  • Interactive GUI– The tool has been designed to be useful even for non-technical users. Within a few minutes after adding the EDB file, scanning is completed, and mailboxes are displayed for preview.



Kernel Free OLM Viewer

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The Free OLM Viewer tool promises instant searching and viewing of OLM files, without using Outlook for Mac program.

  • No OLM to PST conversion needed– This tool allows viewing OLM files in Windows systems without converting OLM files to PST.
  • Sorting option– Once the OLM scanning process is completed, all the emails are displayed, which can be sorted according to user requirements (by date, subject, time, priority and so on).
  • File size not a limitation– The tool displays the content of even large OLM files. The scanning process is quick and can be done effortlessly.
  • Independent tool– Kernel Free OLM Viewer tool does not require any installation of Outlook for Mac to view the OLM files.




Kernel Free OST Viewer

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It is an efficient tool that quickly scans OST files and allows users to view the data without any hassle. The Free OST Viewer tool is free of cost and opens without Outlook or Exchange account.

  • No Exchange Server required– Kernel OST Viewer allows to view OST files without MS Outlook or Exchange Server.
  • All files are accessible– The software displays the content of even large OST files, that too without the original Outlook profile.
  • Self-descriptive– The tool has an easy to use interface. All the tabs and the options are self-explanatory, and users do not require any special guidance to view OST files.
  • Comprehensive analysis– The tool provides reports with detailed analysis of OST file content.




These email apps are perfect solutions for viewing email file (EDB, PST, OST, ELM, or MBOX) content without email client applications. Once the email file scanning is done, all the emails can be viewed in the respective tools.

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