Top 10 Foods Good For Skin

foods for good skin

Top 10 Foods Good For Skin   We all dream for flawless, acne-free skin, but  face so many difficulties for achieving and maintaining that spotless, amazing skin. We spend lots of money on different face-wash, anti-aging creams and what not but all in vain. Do you know why most of these don’t work ??? That’s because the quality of the skin barely depends on external cleanliness rather its the cleanliness of our body from the inside is that matters. Regulate what you eat and you can have your dream skin.…

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How To Look Muscular When Skinny

look muscular when skinny

How To Look Muscular When Skinny   Are you skinny?Wanna look muscular but you don’t wanna go to a gym!here are tips to look muscular in clothes   1. Choose cloths that are not baggy or loose because these will make you look fat.Go for slim or skinny fit.     2. Wear Blazers, Sport Coats, And Suit Jackets because these Give your arms, shoulders, chest and back a big instant boost and add more structure as well with padded shoulders making you look muscular .     3. Wear…

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