March 14, 2020

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Cotomovies 2020 Website : APK, Movies Download

Cotomovies 2020 Website : APK, Movies Download

If you are searching for the latest released Hollywood movies and  Webseries online then you have definitely come across Cotomovies Website cum APK. It is basically a application that searches the internet and provides the links to stream movies and tv-shows. In reality, CotoMovies 2020 has nothing on its own to download or stream. It simply provides you access to streaming links that are already available on other sources. They also have a website called but it currently not functional and shows a apology message.Most of the movies available on them are pirated and are published mostly the day the movie releases. Recently it was shut down for legal reasons. The following message was shown on the website.

Always use VPN’s to be safe while accessing such sites and other torrent sites. This post is just a informative post explaining how to install cotomovies apk and the website. It also explains in details about this website ( how they earn money, Is it safe to use it,etc). In no way we comply you to use it. Its up to you.



Digging down the roots of this application, it was first known as “Bobby Movies” which was later converted into the name of “Cotomovies”. The transformation took place after the innovation of v2.2.5. As like bobby, the Coto app is all one needs to watch tons of movies and TV shows at the same time. This post is exclusively about Android version and IOS version of Coto. However, in reality, it is not only bound to one platform. You can also access this app on PC, Firestick,etc.CotoMovies 2020 apk website


cotomovies apk 2020 download

Cotomovies 2020 Website And Apk

This app provides copyrighted content without the permission of the original owners of the tv channels. Because of that, this app is not on the Google Play Store, so now you have to download this app from our official site. Disclaimer at the end of the psot.


When one is going to use the CotoMovies, one needs to know a few things which require to be cross-checked before beginning with the installation. There are few needs which must be fulfilled and they are as follows –

  • Your device should have at least 2 GB of RAM
  • There must be an internet connection with above 2-3 MBPS download speed. Anything slower can leave an impact on the streaming HD quality.
  • Your device should have at least, 1- 2 GB free storage.

How to Install CotoMovies apk for Android?

To begin the installation of CotoMovies, you need to change some settings of your android phone, follow the steps as stated below, if you don’t know how to do that.

Enable Unknown Sources

By default, installing apps from Unknown Sources isn’t permitted. Follow these steps to enable Unknown Sources Option

    • Go to Settingson your Android device.
    • Scroll and find “Additional settings”.
    • Click on “Security and Privacy Option”.
    • There you will see “Unknown Sources” option which would be disabled by default.
    • Enableunknown Sources option and Agree to the pop-up you get after that.
    • After you are done, click the download button below.

[Download  APK]

  • You will get a pop-up. Click on Download 
  • Once the file is downloaded, go to the location where it was downloaded and tap on it. Or just tap on 
  • You will get a window asking you to install or cancel. Click on Install.
  • Let the installation process finish and you will find CotoMoviesin your app drawer.

How To Install CotoMovies 2020 Apk for ios

    • Click the download button below.


  • After tapping the download button, you should see a pop-up asking you to install or cancel.
  • Tap on install and the installation will begin. You can check the progress somewhere in your app drawer.
  • To use the app you need to Trustthe developers profile in your settings.
  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > [Profile Name] > Trust > Trust.
  • If for some reason you can’t use the app after following the above steps, please check that if CotoMovies has been deleted > restart your phone > reopen this website > repeat the process.

Note: No jailbreak is needed for CotoMovies to work on your ios device.

How to download CotoMovies 2020 apk on Pc/Macbook?

When it comes to watching movies, bigger the screen better the experience. That is why you would want to install cotomovies on pc. Well you will be pleased to know that you won’t need any emulator or something to watch movies on pc with CotoMovies app. The app has in-built feature that lets you watch movies on your pc screen without much hassle. Let’s see how.

To install in Windows PC or Mac following instruction is perfect, just follow it:

  • First of all download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • After that download Cotomovies APK file from our website.
  • After download, right-click on APK file and chose open with BlueStacks.
  • After that click on the APK file and install it.
  • Same method you can apply for Mac.


See its that simple. No need to install any kind of software on your pc. 

Features of CotoMovies Website  APK

  • This is of course user-friendly
  • The contents are from trustworthy sources
  • The streaming contents are available in HD quality
  • Fast download speed
  • Very huge collections of the latest movies and TV shows.
  • It does not cost a single penny and can be downloaded freely.
  • Plus the search on this app is very easy and it is grouped in different categories.
  • The other thing which CotoMovies is offering is subtitles in more than 244 languages
  • There will not be any ads while watching videos.
  • The app is not going to ask you for any registration or any hidden cost.
  • The app uses the inbuilt storage of your phone.


The CotoMovies 2020 website Apk  has  potential which is really appreciating and none less than sharing.Its better than these illegal and probably harmful torrent sites that emerge daily. Most of those sites contains adware which automatically gets downloaded in your device and can harm your pc or smartphone.  CotoMovies is one of the finest apps to watch movies and TV shows at blazing fast speed.If you are looking for the best streaming app for your Android device or IOS then this is the app


Here are some frequently asked questions about CotoMovies 2020 website and apk. 

What is Bobby movie box?


Bobby Movie Box was one of the best apps to watch the movies on your mobile screen. Users who are interested in seeing its features can download and use it on your handset. It was free of cost. It works with all the IOS versions and easy to install. People who are wishing to watch any movie can type the movie name in search space.

File TypeAPK File
SupportsAndroid, IOS
File Size6.1Mb

Then you will find the video playing on your device. It was a cool app and is loved by all the movie lovers. One can also download your favorite movie and watch it offline.

How do I download CotoMovies 2020 APK?

To download CotoMovies just scroll to the top of this page and find Download CotoMovies button to download the app on your device. Luckily, the app is available for many different devices i.e. Android, iOS, Firestick, Pc. We have in depth guides for downloading cotomovies on each of these devices. Feel free to browse and follow the steps to get the app.

Is CotoMovies Legal?

Yes, the website and apk of CotoMovies are legal, It is an app that searches the internet and provides the links to stream movies and tv-shows. In reality, CotoMovies has nothing on its own to download or stream. It simply provides you access to streaming links that are already available on other sources. However, lawmakers say that providing their copyrighted content for free to public is illegal. It is a matter of personal choice to consider CotoMovies legal or illegal.

How Do Cotomovies Website work ?

The streaming websites try to avoid legal trouble by not hosting their own content. They instead act as a search engine for links to streamed content, usually embedded from a secondary site, like we mentioned before.

Websites like these act as a search engine for links to streamed content. This content is usually embedded from a secondary website.So, the government can go after the secondary websites without a problem, and they can go after the streaming sites too if they can prove that they’re encouraging users to infringe on copyright laws. Typically, it’s extremely difficult to find out who’s running the streaming sites. So, the sites get shut down, rather than the owners being arrested.

Am I Safe Using Such Websites ?

According to copyright laws, if you were to download even part of a file, it would be called pseudo-streaming. That means you downloaded a copy of copyrighted material, which is illegal. However, if you’re not downloading, or sharing the copyrighted material, accessing streamed content is generally legal for you, the user. But, if you were uploading or posting unlicensed streamed content, you would be conducting an illegal activity. 

VPNs generally protect you from accessing websites anonymously from a different ip address.

How Cotomovies and Other Streaming Sites Made Money?

These streaming sites good amount of money mainly through two sources

  • Website Ads
  • Ads in between streams

Most of the popular ad services and companies don’t directly endorse with them. Many of these websites earn money through adwares and popup ads. Some streaming sites pause the movie you’re viewing throughout to display ads—and then resume playing your movie. It’s incredible annoying some times. The actual earnings of these websites depend on the annual visitors and the number of ads clicked.

Is CotoMovies shut down?

CotoMovies faced serious legal trouble from lawmakers and was ordered to shutdown. It was the makers of Hell Boy and Angel Fallen movies that caused all the trouble. Moreover, there were some other apps involved also namely, ShowBox, MediaBox HD, Popcorn Time.

What replaced CotoMovies?

There are many great alternatives to CotoMovies and we have listed them all in this article, Top Alternatives to CotoMovies. These apps offer same freedom to watch free movies and tv shows on your device for free. We have provided download links for all of these apps. So, feel free to browse and get these apps.

Discliamer Almost all legal free movie sites either stream indie movies, pay for licensing using advertising, or have a combination of the two. In most cases, you can look for red flags like newly released movies, cam rips, and content with brand logos from premium streaming sites as indicators that the site is pirate. We do not encourage piracy. Use the above website at your own risk.This psot just explains the procedure and we at Feedhippo never encourage using such apps.


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