How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2018

How many days left for durga puja 2018

How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2018


How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2019


Durga Puja is celebrated all over India,but widely in the state of West Bengal. It is celebrated over a span of nine days starting from the day of Mahalaya, which in 2018 is on 09 October (Tuesday). As Of Today, only 30 days are left for Durga Puja. Following are the complete dates of Durga Puja 2018.

Following are the complete list of days of Durga Puja 2018-

Mahalaya                                      Tuesday ( 9th October 2018 )

Maha Panchami                          Sunday ( 14th October 2018 )

Maha Sasthi                                 Monday ( 15 October 2018 )

Maha Saptami                             Tuesday ( 16 October 2018 )

Maha Ashtami                             Wednesday ( 17 October 2018 )

Maha Nabami                              Thursday ( 18 October 2018 )

Bijaya Dasami                              Friday ( 19 October 2018 )


Why Durga Puja Is Celebrated ??

This festival is celebrated on joy of goddess Durga defeating the shape-shifting, deceptive and powerful buffalo demon Maheshasura, and her emerging victorious. Thus, the festival epitomes the victory of good over evil, but it also is in part a harvest festival that marks the goddess as the motherly power behind all of life and creation.

How Many Days Left For Durga Puja 2019

The world was under threat from the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura, that no man or god could defeat. To vanquish the demon, Durga emerged from the collective energies of all the gods. Each of her ten arms brandished the deadliest weapon of each god. Durga was the mother to four gods, Kartikeya, Ganesha, Saraswati and Lakshmi.


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