March 9, 2020

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KatMovieHd Website 2020 : Newly Released Bollywood & Hollywood Movies

katmoviehd 2020

KatMovieHd Website 2020 : Newly Released Bollywood & Hollywood Movies

If you are searching for freshly released hollywood,bollywood and tollywood movies online then this is the site. Katmoviehd 2020 is one of the top piracy site in India after tamilrockers and other such torrent sites. People visit these sites to download pirated versions of newly released movies. In this article you will find the original website and a basic idea of how these websites run.

Disclaimer: We don’t promote downloading movies from these sites as it is considered unethical and also many of these sites contains adwares which slow down your device.

How KatMovieHD Works And Website Name ?

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Basically people who secretly capture movies in the cinema hall sell those to websites like these and Tamil Rockers, then these websites host them on their site.Unfortunately the number of users searching for these movies on internet are very high,that’s the sole reason these websites host them. It is one of the most famous pirated website in India after websites like Tamil Rockers,Kutty Rockers, Filmzilla,9xmovies.

Previously govt managed to ban of these sites but the problem is that they reappear with new domain names like Katmovies com, Katmovieshd 2020  As we all know that India is the country of Youngster that makes India proud but we have to think about their unemployment and illiteracy percentage. Because of these they are free and always search for pirated websites like these.

Website Name

There are many copy websites with the same name as KAtmovies that basically function the same but below are the most famous ones

Visit Website

  1. KatMovie one
  2. KAtmovie club
  3. KatMovie Hd 2020

How do Katmovieshd earn money ?

Most of these sites do not make much money. Despite some claims by bombastic uploaders—Kim Dotcom famously shows expensive luxury cars and houses when boasting about torrent income—there is very little evidence that BitTorrent websites produce much income.

  • These sites don’t generally make much money, but when they do, it is often in the form of ad revenue.
  • They earn only when a large  number of people visit their site.
  • Some malware uploaders who prey on the BitTorrent-seeking public may make significant income.
  • BitTorrent sites tend to operate at a net loss, and many even need donations to stay in business.

A 2011 study found that really good BitTorrent plugging can generate up to $200 per day for a website. The study further found that a very small percentage of users generated roughly 66% of content on such sites.

Most of the money makers upload or establish websites and own the content that generates ad revenue. This is not normally a big income earner, but major websites with thousands of files can generate a lot of clicks. The income is based on click-through rates and site visits.