KumKum Bhagya Latest News , Written Update 22 May 2019


KumKum Bhagya Latest News , Written Update 22 May 2019

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw Abhi and Pragya (Sriti Jha) meet each other at a construction site. And as Abhi tries to save Pragya, but their emotional meeting is cut short when a concrete slab hits him. Pragya immediately puts him in a wheelbarrow and starts walking with his unconscious body, to reach the nearest hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2019 episode starts with Prachi calling Pragya, but her phone is out of coverage. Sarita behen asks her to switch off and on the phone. Shahana says Maasi’s phone is having no network. Pragya tries to take injured Abhi out on the cart. The workers see her and say someone was inside, we shall help them. Pragya asks them to get taxi. She takes him to hospital. Doctor asks what happened to him. Pragya says they were at the construction side and the roof fell down on his head. Doctor asks are you sure and says they can’t treat him until FIR is done. Pragya says it is an accident and asks him to treat him. Doctor says I am not refusing for treatment and asks her to get FIR. Pragya says I will file FIR and asks him to treat him. She says if anything happens to him then she will file negligence case against him.

The doctor is scared and asks the nurse to begin the treatment. The nurse takes Abhi to the operation theatre while Pragya cries standing outside OT. Abhi’s daughter Rhea calls Aaliya and ask her where she is. Aaliya comes and says that she is here. Rhea tells Aaliya about what had happened and she was successful in getting Prachi suspended from the college. But now she is worried and ask Aaliya to save her from Abhi. Aaliya praises Rhea for doing what she wanted and that she is proud of Rhea. She tells Rhea that I am very happy that Prachi is out and now you will be happy. Rhea tells Aaliya that she is worried that if dad reaches the college he will scold her and Aaliya assures her that Abhi won’t tell her anything. Aaliya asks her if she has eaten anything to which Rhea says that she hasn’t eaten anything as she was tensed. Aaliya asks why is there silence at home when Bahadur Kaka tells her about Abhi meeting with an accident as the construction site collapsed on him. Aaliya and Rhea are shocked to hear this and leave immediately to see Abhi.

Pragya thinks about all the moments spent together with Abhi. She sees a nurse going in a hurry. Doctor asks her to get ‘B’ positive blood. Pragya overhears them. Abhi’s family and Vikram are getting restless and worried at the front side of the building. They create a ruckus there. They are informed that a lady took him to the hospital.


The doctors are in urgent need of blood else they won’t be able to save Abhi. Pragya requests the nurse to let her go inside and talk to Abhi. The Doctor scolds the nurse for letting Pragya inside. The doctor informs that the hospital premises don’t have enough blood in the bank and asks her to do something if she wants to save him.

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