May 26, 2019

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KumKum Bhagya Latest News, Written Update 24th May 2019



Kumkum Bhagya May 24, 2019 Written Update:

The Episode starts with the Nurse asking Pragya to let the patient rest seeing Pragya with Abhi. Pragya is about to leave, but Abhi holds her hand in unconscious state. Pragya keeps his hand back and leaves. Jab tak jahan me…plays…Aaliya is searching for Abhi and is coming towards pragya. She asks ward boy about accident patient and reception. Pragya asks someone about temple and goes. They don’t see each other. Rhea tells Tai ji that she never this to happen. Mitali asks Tai ji why she is scolding Rhea so much. Tai ji asks her to be quiet. Mitali says Vikram is like Abbi’s brother and Meera is like Rhea’s mum and our family. She asks if this is the time to scold Rhea. Tai ji says I never interfered before and says she is called for parties, but when she is scolding Rhea, everyone is upset with her.

Here, Sarita Ben impatiently waited for Pragya to return while Shahana sits with her. Pragya comes home and tells that someone had met with an accident for which she had called Prachi to donate blood for his operation. Shahana and Sarita wanted to know who the person was but Pragya dodges the question and tells them to leave her alone for some time. Prachi tells them that she had never seen Pragya worry about someone so much and tells them that she had threatened her (Prachi) to commit suicide if she ever asked about that man again. Prachi tells Shahana and Sarita Ben that she thinks that the man was none other but her father.

Pragya gives her number and asks Nurse to message her when he gains consciousness. Prachi calls her and says you got life knowing he is fine, and asks why you don’t want me to question you. Pragya says if you question me then I will do the same thing which you tried to do in closed room. She says we have no work now and asks her to come. Dadi asks Meera to take her to temple and says she wants to thank the God for saving Abhi and for sending that lady to save him. Aaliya says she was not Prachi’s mum. Meera says when he gained consciousness for sometime then he said that the lady was Pragya. Aaliya says if she was Pragya then she would have come home to show her rights. Dadi asks Meera to take her to temple. Pragya and Prachi are going from there. Aaliya tells dadi that she will get Abhi discharged as the hospital is low level etc. Dadi argues with her. Aaliya says she will get the papers ready.

Purab’s anger did not go well with Aalia and she decides to throw Purab out of the house soon.