July 17, 2019

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Make In India Essay Pdf | Project For Students



Make In India Essay Pdf |Project For Students


Make in India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to attract capital and technological investment and initiate product manufacturing in India by the multi-national and national companies to improve the Indian economy.  The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi first mentioned the keyphrase in his maiden Independence Day address from the ramparts of the Red Fort and over a month later launched the campaign in September 2014 with an intention of reviving manufacturing businesses and emphasizing key sectors in India amidst growing concerns that most entrepreneurs are moving out of the country due to its low rank in ease of doing business ratings.


Logo & Meaning 


The symbol (derived from national emblem of India) of this initiative is a giant lion having many wheels (indicates peaceful progress and way to the vibrant future). A giant walking lion with many wheels indicates the courage, strength, tenacity and wisdom. he campaign was dedicated by the Prime Minister to the eminent patriot, philosopher and political personality, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya who had been born on the same date in 1916. The page of Make In India on the Facebook has crossed more than 120K likes and its twitter followers are more than 13K within few months of launching date.


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Vision & Benefits


The population of the country is increasing day and night and this is creating a huge issue to the employment to the youth of the country.As the Campaign is running effectively, the youth are getting jobs in industries and other employment sectors.The main aim of the campaign is to make India a powerful economy which will help India to become the developed nation from the developing nation.

Manufacturing currently contributes just over 15% to the national GDP. The aim of this campaign is to grow this to a 25% contribution as seen with other developing nations of Asia. In the process, the government expects to generate jobs, attract much foreign direct investment, and transform India into a manufacturing hub preferred around the globe. 

At the launching of the Make in India Campaign, Top Business Tycoons and Industrialist including Mukesh Ambani were there at the venue of launching where they ensure the employment guarantee.




The investors come to India and started investing and manufacturing goods and products in India.

Here are some most invested industries which are occupied by Most of the Investors such as

  • Electronics
  • Electric
  • Satellite and Submarines
  • Automobiles
  • Agro

This national program is designed to transform the country into a global business hub as it contains attractive proposals for top local and foreign companies. This campaign focuses on creating number of valuable and honored jobs as well as skill enhancement in almost 25 sectors for improving the status of youths of the country. The sectors involved are automobiles, chemicals, IT & BPM, aviation, pharmaceuticals, construction, electrical machinery, food processing, defense manufacturing, space, textiles, garments, ports, leather, media and entertainment, wellness, mining, tourism and hospitality, railways, automobile components, renewable energy, mining, bio-technology, roads and highways, electronics systems and thermal power.

The successful implementation of this plan will help in the 100 smart cities project and affordable housing in India. The main objective is to ensure solid growth and valuable employment creation in the country with the help of top investors. It will benefit both parties, the investors and our country. The government of India has created a dedicated help team and an online portal Make in India for the easy and effective communication of investors. A dedicated cell is committed to answer all the queries from business entities anytime.


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