McDonald’s Serves Cleaning Solution To A Pregnant Woman

McDonald’s Serves Cleaning Solution To A Pregnant Woman


A McDonald’s outlet in Canada served a pregnant woman a latte from its McCafé range that was full of cleaning fluid instead of milk.

Sarah Douglas stopped at a drive-through outlet in Lethbridge, a town in Alberta, Canada, to get a drink on Sunday morning. She paid and left, but realized on taking a sip that something was not right so, she opened the lid and saw the drink seemed “watery-brownish” liquid and had a “pungent smell of chemical” and immediately spat it out. When she returned to the restaurant to complain, she was offered a new coffee, but she angrily responded: “Absolutely not, this is unacceptable.” The store owner Dan Brown explained that every morning the coffee machine gets cleaned, but this time the staff might have accidentally connected the milk supply line to the cleaning solution.

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The outlet later realized that staff had accidentally left the coffee machine attached to a container of cleaning fluid .So, McDonald’s franchise owner Dan Brown has apologized to the pregnant woman and said that such incidents never happened.

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