March 30, 2019

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Ola Restrooms : Real Or April Fool Prank ???

ola restrooms

Ola Restrooms : Real Or April Fool Prank ???



Ola recently launched a video on youtube tagged “A place to go, for a generation that’s on the go” . The idea behind this is to provide clean sanitized bathrooms which supposedly can be availed only with a tap on the app for those stuck in a public place without a washroom.

But there is section of people who refuse to believe it and consider Ola Restrooms as an April Fool prank as Ola has a history of conducting such hilarious pranks around April fool’s day, with the concepts of (fake) Ola Air passenger services in 2015, Ola Rooms in 2016, Ola Wheels in 2017, and Ola News Network in 2018. Also the release date of the video seems to match up with the plot. The video was released on March 29, 2019.

ola restroom

Keeping the probability aside of Ola Restrooms being a prank, Ola posted a blog on its official website  with the tag “Gramalya ” ( ) . Here it has been stated that ola has been constantly working with an organization called Gramalya which is dedicated to providing better water and sanitary facilities in rural areas.

Its upto you to decide whether its a prank or not…