The Heaviest Person In The World – Jon Brower Minnoch


The Heaviest Person In The World – Jon Brower Minnoch


Jon Brower Minnoch was the heaviest man ever recorded in medical history with 1400 lbs (650 kg) approx. That’s almost 4 times the weight of WWE Superstar “The Big Show” weighing at 383lbs (174 kg). Jon was an American Citizen, who died at the age of 41. He was suffering from Obesity since childhood. According to medical records, Jon already weighted 294lbs (133 kg) at the age of 12. By the age of 22, he weighed a record-setting “392lbs” (178 Kg). In 1978, Jon also held the record of the highest weight difference between a Married Couple, his wife’s weight was 115lbs (50 kg).

Jon kept on expanding till the age of 37 when he was hospitalized for heart and respiratory problems. He was diagnosed with Edema, a state in which the body accumulates extracellular liquid.


Dr. Robert Schwartz evaluated that Minnoch must have weighed more than 1400lbs (635 kg), most of which was water accumulation (more than 900lbs or 408 Kg). During his stay in the hospital, he followed a strict diet of 1,200 calories, that aided him to bring down his weight to 476 lbs (216 kg). But after all that, he was again hospitalized again after gaining 200 lbs ( 91 kg) surprising in a week.

And 13 people were required to roll him over for clothes changes. He died at the age of 41.


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