WhatsApp Next Update Let’s Government Read Your Messages?????

 WhatsApp Next update let’s government read your Messages


The latest fake news on WhatsApp is that WhatsApp is introducing a third blue tick which will be rolled out soon on the next update and will be proof of the government having read your chats.

But now, WhatsApp has confirmed that this news is fake, no such update is coming out. There is no such feature being implemented by WhatsApp and the news which is being spread was a hoax. Some media outlets are running a ‘How to spot the third blue tick’ on your WhatsApp chat but it’s a fake news and you shouldn’t believe.


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WhatsApp’s Spokesperson called it fake and said, “A rumour that the Indian government can read your messages and the “police will arrest you soon” is floating around. We’ve seen this before (last in 2015) though wanted to flag in case it picks up given WhatsApp and the Government of India is in the news this week! “He further said, “The privacy of our users is very important to WhatsApp.

Every message and call is secured by end-to-end encryption so that no third parties, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to your conversations. In addition, WhatsApp never displays three checkmarks in message chats.” Because of such fake news and in order to control these fake news, WhatsApp has taken serious note of the possibility of fake news being spread on its platform and has started labelling messages that are ‘forwarded. ‘Last week announced a new feature that’s being tested in India which will limit message forwards to five chats in India at once.

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