April 24, 2019

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Who Is Rohit Shekar And How His Wife Murdered Him?

rohit shekar

Who Is Rohit Shekar And How His Wife Murdered Him?



Rohit Shekar or Rohit Shekar Tiwari is the son of ND Tiwari,former chief minister of  Uttar Pradesh, India. Post-mortem reports after his sudden death on 16th April revealed that he was drunk and it also showed signs of strangulation. 

A crime branch officer associated with the case said that Apoorva, wife of Rohit shekar confessed to killing her husband after an argument. He said that Apoorva first strangled Rohit Shekhar and then smothered him using her hand. The officer said Rohit Shekhar could not fight back because he was drunk and was physically weak after a heart surgery.

“We have arrested Apoorva with the help of scientific evidence and FSL (forensic) report. She confessed that she has murdered her husband and cited unhappy marriage as the reason,” senior police officer Rajiv said.

rohit shekar death

Rohit Tiwari, 40, was earlier said to have died of a cardiac arrest. He had gone to Uttarakhand to vote on April 12 and had returned to Delhi on the night of April 15. He could be seen on one of the CCTVs in his Defence Colony home, taking support of the wall as he walked, apparently drunk.

Apoorva was arrested today after a three-day interrogation. The arrest comes after the Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Sunday took Apoorva, a maid and a servant to an undisclosed location for interrogation in connection with Rohit Shekhar’s death.

A case of murder (Section 302 of Indian Penal Code) was registered on Thursday after the post-mortem examination report revealed that Rohit died an “unnatural death” due to “strangulation.