Why MS Dhoni Is Still A Leader: 3 Leadership Qualities To Learn From Him

ms dhoni leadership qualities

Why MS Dhoni Is Still A Leader: 3 Leadership Qualities To Learn From Him


Today Team India clinched their maiden bilateral ODI series victory over Australia. For India Dhoni scored unbeaten 87 of 114 balls which was very crucial for the win as Rohit was caught out very early in the match and Dhawan managed to score only 23 runs. For Mahi its the third consecutive half century in the three match ODI series. In this match and previous match Dhoni played an important knock and led India to a win over Australia. Winning this series Dhoni proved himself as still a crucial part of team India.

What we can observe from these three matches that if its isnt for Dhoni’s slow but important knock,Inida would’nt have won these two consecutive matches. Yes !!! it would be completely unfair to not to mention other players knocks,but look at the pressure Dhoni was facing from past few series. He was being constantly troller on social media for his slow knock. He isn’t the captian now, he could clearly go berserk on the field but he knows how important his role is for the success of team India. That’s a leadership quality. Hence  here is list of qualities of MSD that can be applied to our life:


dhoni leadership qualities


Believing in instincts and taking risks


Taking risks has been the part of his game in every match. The big ones being the 2011 world cup where he had promote himself up the order or the Joginder Sharma final over back in 2007. He has always  done or took the unexpected decisions at the right moment which gave him a upper hand over the situation of the game and over the opponent team’s gameplay.


Team Play


MS has always been the team guy. He never worries about his records or runs. He backs his players at all times with trust and confidence, the reason why team India has seen success in his custodianship. He was never shy about giving multiple opportunities to a player to prove himself.


Handling Failure Time


Even after the success of 2011 World cup, they faced a series of continuous losses. Everyone faces this time,but only a person with versatile and strong character can handle that pressure and emerge back as he has emerged today.


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