August 27, 2019

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Youtuber Pooja Khatri Pubg Vs Backchod Babaji: PUBG Cheating


Youtuber Pooja Khatri Pubg Vs Backchod Babaji: PUBG Cheating


YouTube is more of a community than just a regular video hosting website. Creators publish various contents and also team up with other creators to boost their subscribers but sometimes its also becomes a place for nasty YouTube wars for example pewdiepie vs t-series.

Usually small healthy competitions and wars like this generally happen everyday, one such being between popular roaster Baba Bakchod ji who has approx 250K subscribers and streamer Pooja who is also a actor cum model. Now a days PUBG streamers are in limelight after the huge popularity boom of this war game among Indian youngsters. There are many streamers on Youtube India popular, the popular ones being Mortal and Dynamo

Previously there has been huge debate on how emulators players are gaining popularity by using hacks and gaining subscribers. This debate gained the attention of the other section of you-tubers like the Roasters. Many of the viewers who noticed cheating patterns in the game-play of a certain streamer started exposing them. Bakchod Babaji is one of them. Recently he successfully exposed popular streamers Rowdy gaming and Rog Gaming and both of them had accepted their mistakes and apologized to the audience. 

pooja khatri pubg

Two days back he made a compilation of clips and accused Pooja of using a player spotting software. He claimed that she had been using this software earlier but stopped using it once many other popular streamers got caught. According to him  she used to get 14 to 15 kills in the game and now the number usually revolves around 4 to 5.  Pooja on the other hand completely rubbished his comments. Usually she portrayed herself as calm and cool streamer but her latest stream after the accusation starts with her abusing Baba Bakchod ji badly.

She also tries to prove her innocence by bringing her community and her previous jobs into the debate. ” Aise hi mujhe CID milgaya, character hai tabhi mila”  ” Body me jatto ka khoon hai “ she quoted in her latest stream. She also stated to take serious action on any such future roasts by saying ” Ga**nd Maar dungi, strike dungi” 

Now this remains a unsolved question on whether pooja had been really cheating as there is no valid proof except from some basic assumptions of patterns. Its unfair to accuse someone until the matter gets proved.